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ronald_ep's Journal

Weasley is Our King!

Name: Ronald Bilius Weasley
Year: 6th
House: Gryffindor
Wand: Willow, Unicorn Hair, 14 Inches
Familiar: Tiny owl named Pigwidgeon, "Pig"
Personal Appearance: Ron has always been a tall boy, even in his younger years he was a good bit taller than most of his friends. As the years have gone by he's filled out some, but not much. He's almost gangly now yet has the build of someone who shows muscle tone easily and is not at all inclined to fat. Ron has a rather long nose and face, which is dotted with freckles like most the rest of his body. He's hardly the most attractive boy ever, but he has his fair share of admirers.

Personality: Though he tends to get a bit wide-eyed when faced with adversity, Ron is nevertheless a true and loyal friend. He has always been a firm supporter of Harry and Hermione, even in the face of danger and this shows his true Gryffindor colors. Throughout all of it he's only grown more determined to help Harry defeat Voldemort and for their "side" to triumph. One of his best weapons is his sense of humour, which he is not at all afraid to let get the best of him.

When Ron gets excited or angry, he grows louder and a little over-zealous about it. He also has very little ability to control his anger and has been known to physically and verbally attack people who get in his way. This includes Malfoy, Snape, and even Harry and Hermione, who have all faced his wrath at separate times. This is because Ron is extremely devoted to equality in things and when he is powerless to stop it, he gets frustrated and stubborn.

His fondest wish is to be seen as an individual with remarkable qualities, instead of just "another Weasley" or "Harry Potter's friend". Even when made Prefect, however, Ron tends to shy away from doing anything that might make people like him less; including his Prefect duties. Things have begun to change though as Ron outgrows his desperate need to outshine others and has started to understand that he has a very important place in the world - at the side of his friends.

History/Background: Ronald Bilius Weasley was born to Molly and Arthur Weasley on March 1, 1980 and is the brother of five boys (and of course older brother to Ginny). Even from an early age, Ron was displeased with his place in the family and was often resentful of the fact that his family was poor. All in all, however, he had a very happy childhood in the midst of his large family at their home - the Burrow.

When Ron was three years old, he broke his brother Fred's toy broomstick and the other boy got his revenge by turning Ron's bear into a giant spider. Since that day, Ron has been deathly afraid of spiders; he threw up after encountering the Acromantula, Aragog in his second year. He was also the brunt of many practical jokes and teasing by his brothers, especially the Twins. Despite that all, Ron learned to just ignore them and go on with what he was doing.

At eleven, Ron went off to his first year of Hogwarts and this is where he met the two most important people in his life. When he first met Hermione Granger, Ron wasn't sure he liked her much, but after the events with the Troll that Halloween she became just as good a friend to him as Harry. The three of them have been inseparable, even when in mortal danger and defending each other against evil. Though childish spats have kept them at odds sometimes, Ron has always adored his friends and has stuck with them through everything.

In his fifth year, Ron was made a Prefect and his mother was so pleased she bought him a new broomstick. He used this to try out for the position of Keeper on the house team, which he got (though granted he was not the first choice). He has also helped Harry and Hermione with DA meetings and has become quite adept at Defense Against the Dark Arts. As always, Ron was at his friends' side in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries at the end of the school year. He was injured and put into the hospital wing for a few days afterward to recover.

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